Vortex-Leader 3×26″

Since the 24″ Kojaks produced some bad shimmy at the front wheels, I tried some 24″ Maxxis DTH yesterday, but that didn’t solve the problem. Looks like this trike with its funny steering geometry doesn’t like a 3×24″ wheel set-up, after all.

Hence, I’ve build a 26″ rear wheel with a polished Rigida DP22 rim, to match the Rigida DP22 front wheel set.

The 26″ wheels are shod with Continental Contact Speed 32-559 at the front and a slightly wider Continental Contact Speed 42-559 at the rear. While I’m not particularly fond of the Contact Speed in general (they are neither quick, nor offer good wet grip), they are cheap tires with reasonably good puncture protection and (most importantly) cured the shimmy problem. This trike definitely likes big front wheels.

Actually, the 26″ front wheel set with the polished rims was always supposed to go into this trike, anyway. Its very non standard steering geometry, due to the rear axle of the Trice Leader rear frame being a good 8cm lower than current ICE Trikes rear frames, makes it perfectly suited for a 3×26″ or 3×700 wheel set-up. Despite the big front wheels, the handling is pretty agile.

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