Need New Blog Host

Since WordPress completely changed the editor for the worst, doesn’t allow the use of the “Classic editor” anymore and (judging by the posts in the WordPress forum) is unwilling to change its course, I need a new blog hosting website.

Any suggestions?

Blogger is owned by Google, so thats no alternative.

(damn, this new editor really sucks! I mean, just look at this mess!)

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5 Responses to Need New Blog Host

  1. daytriker says:

    I don’t know much about this stuff but my site is hosted by & maintained by a very reasonable Filipino that I have to force to take payment. Would that help?

  2. Mark Waters says:

    I also switched yesterday and I’m not happy either , but sticking with it.

    • Marc says:

      The thing is, I didn’t switch to the new editor and new dashboard. It was a forced switch initiated by WordPress without my consent and I really don’t like that kind of action, or the result.

      Fortunately one of the WordPress staff posted a workaround in the forum to bring back the “classic” wp-admin interface in some dumbd down way. Still, not ideal by a long shot, though.

  3. Mark Waters says:

    The new editor is quite impressive when you learn about its new features.

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