This little personal blog is intended to share some thoughts, ideas, new stuff, technical issues, links and probably some rants about my experiences with electrified recumbents.

My rides are three customised ICE Trikes. Simply, because I like their handling better than any other trike I’ve tried so far and ICE Trikes customer service is second to none.
Despite recurring urges, I’ll try my best to keep ‘Nasty’, the newest entry to my trike collection, a pure cycle. We’ll see how long that might last.

Lately, a RANS XStream 26 got added to my stable, but for me a two-wheeled recumbent (or any other two-wheeled bike for that matter) doesn’t offer nearly as much fun as a tadpole trike.

I’m not affiliated with any company whose products I mention. It’s just stuff that works for me, or I like to drool over. I paid for any product with my own money and have no plan to change that.

Please keep in mind, that my images are protected by European copyright law. While I hate to send copyright lawyers after people or company’s who use my photos without permission, I did in the past (earning a couple of grand in the process) and will do in the future if I have to. Ask for permission if you want to use a photo.