Fahrradsternfahrt 2017 in Hamburg

Today was the 22. annual Fahrradsternfahrt in Hamburg. About 30,000 cyclists rode from all directions into the city, took a small detour across the Köhlbrand Bridge and a stretch of Autobahn on the way back across the Elbbrücken to Rathausmarkt for the closing ralley.

A wide range of cycles of any flavor attended.

Cyclists waiting for the police to close the Köhlbrand bridge for the traditional crossing.

A young HPV Scorpion rider with his parents. No scruffy beard, no aero belly, no sandals, not even uncool spectacles! He probably single-handedly cut the average age of us trike riders in half. That ain’t right! I issued a formal complaint to his parents in the name of all recumbent riders.

Waiting in the shadow of a railway bridge for the police to close a stretch of the Autobahn.
AFAIK that is one of only two Catrike Speed in the Hamburg area (this one is owned by my local Baumarkt manager).

At the closing rally at the Rathausmarkt, some of us recumbent riders gathered with the velomobiles in front of the Bucerius Kunst Forum to spread the word of recumbent bliss.

Olaf came with his wife on mountain bikes. Since he did a ride earlier today with his ICE Sprint X and accumulated 800 meters of climbing (in Hamburg!) he was excused.

The range of velomobiles was a good mix with three Quest, a Milan SL, a DF xl, a Velayo and a Go-One Ks. None of the usual Mango’s or Alleweder attended unfortunately.

Michael from R3 rode his battle hardened Quest down from Eckernförde, Benno came from Bremen in his Milan SL and Jörn came with his DF from Winsen.

Afterwards we finished the day with a cool beer at the Großneumarkt…

…where the velomobiles attracted further attention.

I had a great time! All together it was a 72km ride with a 15.7km/h average.
Next time I’ll use some sun blocker, though (outch!).

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Custom ICE Race Trike on Ebay

This gallery contains 5 photos.

In case you didn’t know, ICE Trikes has a little Ebay ‘outlet store’. Currently ICE Trikes is offering the personal, one-of-a-kind, custom designed race trike from Ben Dickinson (former World Trike champion), one of ICE Trikes designers. It got a … Continue reading

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If you had a look at the web links on the right side, you might found the link to John Hawks blog. I’m following his blog for a couple of years now and greatly enjoyed his online course ‘Human Evolution – Past and Future’ on Coursera in 2014.

Human evolution is a fascinating topic and he is a great lecturer. Anyway, here is his presentation about Neandertals, that’ll give you an overview about what we know of them.

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Nasty’s new 700c rear wheel

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Today, I’ve looked for a 700c tyre to get the new rear wheel rolling. The easiest would be a Kojak in 700c size, to match the 26″ Kojak’s at the front, but I had something wide and quick with at … Continue reading

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Nasty got new wheels

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Yeah, I know… I had every intention to ride with the 20″ front wheels for a while, but it was raining on the weekend. I got bored and instead of watching TV, went on a little wheel building spree. Five … Continue reading

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Blue ICE with Kojak

Since the new 24″ Kojak’s needed some breaking-in, I’ve put them on the Blue ICE.

Looks like the front wheels are probably a bit out of alignment (the rod end bearings are worn-out), since the tyres show some wear already after a mere 33km. While that’s perfect in this case, I’ll have to check toe-in tomorrow and ordered some new rod end bearings.

I’ve also swopped the Patterson Metropolis to a new one with cranks shortened to 155mm. The shortest crank size available for the Metropolis is 165mm (that’s what I was using for about a year), but 165mm a bit too long for comfort and makes my knees hurt after a while. The Patterson with 165mm crank size went in the (still not finished) Black ICE.

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Wheel size change

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Today, I’ve installed new IGUS rod end bearings and a older 20″ front wheel set with 28mm wide Sun Rhyno Lite rims, shod with skinny 28-406 Schwalbe Durano. The rear wheel got a 50-559 Kojak again. While handling is very … Continue reading

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Completing ‘Nasty’

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‘Nasty’ is more or less complete by now. After some more rummaging in the parts bin, she got a head rest, a B+M IQ-X E (150 lux) front light and a third rear light. To move the handle bars a … Continue reading

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Critical Mass in Hamburg

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Took ‘Nasty’ to the Critical Mass in Hamburg yesterday. That was fun! Haven’t attended in ages. There where only few recumbents, but I counted three HPV Scorpion RS 20 trikes in the same brownish-orange colour. Found a pretty nice video … Continue reading

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Laidback Bike Report – SPEZI Special

Gary Solomon and Team went to the anual Spezialradmesse in Germersheim. Enjoy!

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